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Features and advantages


Mechanical lift as opposed to manual lift dramatically reduces the risk to lifting personnel(engineers and/or on site staff)


The Combilift is stored and transported in two flight cases to ensure ease of handling from the warehouse to the service vehicle, from the service vehicle to the oven installation site and vice-versa. Each flight box is equipped with wheels at one end and a handle at the other to enable ease of lifting and maneouvering.The flight cases are sized for easy stowage onto a standard service vehicle enabling the installing technician to transport the lifting device to site thus saving on additional transportation and labour costs.


Engineered to be strong and sturdy. The Combilift can lift loads up to 384kg or 846lbs.


No tools required for assembly! Easy to assemble and dissemble by a single user. Can be assembled within 5 minutes.


Make an oven installation pay. The single person operation results in significant reduction in manpower requirements and costs.


The samll footprint of the lifting frame reduces the working space required to complete a safe lift, due to the oven being lifted inside the frame. Installation on sites with restricted access often involve a significant amount of manpower and waiting time, however this can be reduced using the Combilift and advanced planning. Even in sites with low ceiling heights the Combilift makes it possible to carry out a safe effective lift.


A manual lift may result in the oven being knocked against existing equipment or even dropped completely. The Combilift alleviates the need for a difficult manual lift, consequently the risk of any damage to the oven is virtually eliminated.


CombiliftUk can design and build a bespoke lifting frame to suit your requirements. The frame can be customised to suit various types of commercial appliance, for example multi deck baking ovens, pizza ovens etc.